A multimodal online resource for investigating aspects of copyright and film and TV piracy in Australian secondary classrooms.

Copyright and film and TV piracy are a real issue with students. Students need to know what they can legitimately copy in creating their own work, or in creating their own entertainment.

You also need to know how to acknowledge copied work. Behind all this is the greater question: does film and TV piracy contribute towards a creative society, or does it threaten the creativity and society we all say we want?

This resource will help you explore these issues in a classroom-friendly way. Click on Resource Guide to see the contents of the resource, or click on a subject area (listed above) to see how to use appropriate units of the Module in the classroom in this curriculum area.

"By making it essentially optional to pay for content, piracy has set the price of digital goods at zero."

- Robert Levine, Author of Free Ride

Latest Free Teaching Resource (May, 2014)

for teachers wishing to assist students to prepare for the NAPLAN writing task

This resource includes a classroom-ready writing task, complete with marking criteria modelled on the NAPLAN rubric. Prepared by an experienced English & Media Studies teacher, activities based on sample articles and cartoons about the contentious and current issue of online piracy are a timely addition for teachers wishing to include a unit on Persuasive Language in their programming. A great lesson to assist students to hone their skills in the lead-up to the NAPLAN writing task, this resource also provides a springboard for further exploration of the digital landscape and the impact of rapidly-changing technology.
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