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Nothing beats the real thing is the education portal for Creative Content Australia - the film and television industries’ peak body for raising awareness about the role of copyright, the importance of legal screen content, and the impact of piracy on creators of the film and TV shows audiences love.

Why we think teachers need to know about copyright and piracy:

Apart from the legal ramifications and moral considerations, there are practical reasons to be mindful about copyright:

  • Unauthorised streaming and downloading uses valuable school bandwidth and limits access to legitimate materials & services
  • Accessing illegitimate sites exposes computers to viruses and malware
  • Viewing content without paying for it (unless it is made available for free by the creators or copyright owners) has an economic impact on local and global creative industries

Australia’s world-class film and television industry employs around 47,000 Australians and contributes $5.8 billion to the nation’s economy. How audiences choose to access films and television shows makes a big difference to how the industry is able to invest in more content, employ skilled people in the screen community, nurture young and emerging talent and deliver quality films and TV shows in the future.

Creative Content Australia is supported by a number of Australian film, TV and home entertainment organisations and associations representing the production, distribution and exhibition/broadcast industry sectors. That’s why we, and our members, care about educating young Australians about the value of creative content, dispelling some of the myths about content theft and motivating changes in behaviour.

Here’s what a few creators say about online piracy:

Hamish Blake – Radio/TV host, actor

"We live in a bizarre age where anyone with a computer can obtain things for free that you normally have to pay for."

Tina Arena – Artist/Singer

"Whilst we can be grateful for being able to reach every corner of the globe due to this extraordinary invention, my question for anyone who cares to know the truth is: who would be prepared to work all week long without getting paid?"

Jeremy Sims – Director, Actor, Producer, Writer

"If you contemplate even some of that foregone revenue, it may well equate to the difference between a filmmaker’s next feature being funded, or not."

Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer THE WALKING DEAD

"The concern more, for me, is the sense that somehow entertainment is not as valuable to people because it’s not as tangible as a car of a piece of clothing; that somehow you don’t have to pay for it because you can’t pick it up. It just exists in the ether. An episode of television is very expensive. If people don’t pay for it, there will be no financial model to continue."

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