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Persuasive Language

Clear definitions and structured activities provide students with strategies to analyse argumentative writing. The resource can be used as a springboard to explore issues like the impact of rapidly changing technology on businesses, and copyright and intellectual property in the digital landscape.

Using this resource students will develop their knowledge and understanding of:

  • persuasive language
  • how visual texts work to influence readers
  • persuasive techniques such as cliché, alliteration, hyperbole, anecdotes, emotive language, connotation, inclusive language, simile and metaphor, sarcasm
  • devices that characterise persuasive writing such as tone and appealing to emotions

A sample writing assessment task, with marking criteria, is included with the resource.

Persuasive Language was developed with the assistance of the Creative Content Australia, a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising the awareness of the value of screen content and copyright and the impact of piracy, and written by Brett Lamb. Brett has taught VCE Media since 2001. He has presented professional development seminars for ATOM on topics as diverse as comic books, film noir, superhero narrative, social networking, FinalCut Pro and Adobe After Effects. He maintains a professional interest in comic books, horror films and digital filmmaking. He currently works at East Doncaster Secondary College.

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